Honky Tonk Secret Garden | Chicago,IL

It's been a dream of mine to be at Honky Tonk. It's such a unique eclectic venue, so when our couple ended up booking this venue, I was super excited.

It was a hot Chicago summer day but just so happened to cool off just in time for when we opened the booth! Oh and I can't forget to mention....we love our new marquee. It's NEON!!!! We needed something new as our old marquee letters kept falling and eventually broke. Well hope you enjoy these photos! 

And here's a few of our favorite photos!!!

Ashley Farms | Yorkville,IL

Oh my, am I excited to share this venue with you!!! It's a new barn venue that I'm so honored we got to be at. The owners did a fabulous job with rehabbing it. Be sure to visit their website to see more of what their space looks like:

And here's a fun video recap of all the guests enjoying the trailer!

Firehouse Chicago | Chicago, IL

We've been dreaming of doing a wedding at Firehouse Chicago, and it finally became a reality a few weeks ago. Our dream is to one day own our own firehouse, so while we were there, we totally were in awe. This venue is gorgeous and we love the intimate vibe. Plus their coordinator, Michelle, is amazing!!! We just love working with such kind vendors, and couples!

Penrose Brewing | Geneva, IL

We had been going back in forth on whether or not we should offer a freestanding photo booth! We learned pretty quickly, that in Chicago, there aren't many venues where we actually fit Hopeinside, but that those who were inquiring with us, still wanted something unique and different. After much deliberation, we decided to custom build one. We wanted to make sure it fit our brand still, but looked different than what's already out there in the market. It was soexciting to get to debut it with Sadie and Jarod at Penrose Brewing. Their wedding theme was totally amazing too called "LetsSticktogether" with succulents and cacti everywhere! It was truly a fun experience getting to celebrate with them and their guests.

Check out what our setup looked like there:

And here's a few of our favorite photos!

Easter Weekend At Willow Creek Church

What an honor it was to be a part of Willow Creek Church Community's Easter Weekend Celebration! We had so much fun meeting tons of new JPB fans! I have to say the number #1 question was: "How did you get this in here?" Well my friend, lets just say we had to hand maneuver it from the other side of the building and it may have taken us 45mins to get it into the right spot!!! Needless to say it was a blast, and we loved to getting celebrate with Willow Creek!!! We also love getting to work with other amazing vendors. The florals, set designs and hand lettering was done by AEG Productions, and the beautiful vintage rentals is from Chicago Vintage Weddings!!! Go check out their websites, they are some super duper talented chicago based vendors and they were a blast to work with!!!

Here's a few of my favorites from the weekend!!!

Let us design your Photo Strips!

I love that we get to design our couples photo strips. It comes included in all of our collections, so there's no extra cost!  In case you didn't know, we have a background in design....so branding and details matter to us! We believe each wedding has it's own brand, and we desire for your photostrips to be representative of your wedding style and personalities. Like like to draw inspiration from your wedding invitations, and from it we decide on typeface, color scheme, layout and more! 

Our props!

Our props have been intentionally hand curated. We really wanted the quality of them to stand out above anything else. 

So what does that mean?!?

Well all of our props are made out of wood or metal! So you will never find paper props in our selection. We also love all things rustic, so we have a fun selection of frames in all sizes that come in gold and barnwood. 


Emerson Creek Pottery + Tea Room | Oswego, IL

Ohhh man what can I say about Emerson Creek, that you may not already know?!? The venue is gorgeous, down to every single detail. The owner's are simply amazing and the most kindest people ever. They loved our story so much so that they allowed for Hope to be stored at their barn during the blistering winter months. Isn't that amazing?!? You have no idea how much that meant to us!!! What a beautiful example of love, and genuine desire to help grow our business. We are forever grateful for them!!!

Here's some beautiful photos of one of favorite weddings at Emerson Creek! 

Photos by: Jazi Photo

Jazi Photo Booth Inspired Shoot

We had a blast working with some amazing vendors to create a fun and edgy inspired shoot!

Floral, props, styling: @kiokreations
Handlettered globe: @katieduggleby
Vintage Trailer Photobooth: @jaziphotobooth
Hair and Makeup: @tamaramakeup
Take-a-Cake cake jar: @thesugarpath
Barn Venue: @emersoncreekevents
Models: Taylor and @anaterpstra

Hand Letterer Artist (backdrop): @ohmyletters
Modern calligrapher + hand letterer (door): @levings_ink

Our Guestbook

We are so excited to share our guestbook with you! We wanted something intentional and beautifully designed. Not just something you can pick up at a craft store.

We searched high and low for a guest book that not only looked elegant, but was constructed well. To top it off we provide washi tape and markers that fits your wedding brand, so it's consistent from beginning to end.

Needless to say these guestbooks are the real deal!!! 




GoodCity Chicago | Stories & Sounds Gala

With outdoor events, and Chicago weather you just never know what's going to happen! We had our rain plan ready and before we knew it, the dark clouds cleared and the sun came out! It turned out to be amazing Chicago weather! Not too hot but not too cold.

We are so grateful and honored that GoodCity Chicago invited us to be a part of their event. It was so much fun and such an unique Gala that we got to be a a part of. "Hope" got to hang out with helicopters and fun friends for the day! Enjoy!

And here's some of our favorite photos of the day!!!

To see all the photos from the event click this link: https://thejaziphotobooth.shootproof.com/gallery/goodcitychicago/

We are a unique vintage trailer photobooth available for weddings, events, galas, and festivals in the Chicagoland area. Please contact us on our contact page for more booking info!

Lincoln Park Zoo Food Truck Social

We had so much fun at the Lincoln Park Zoo Food Truck Social. We got to meet a ton of new peopole!!! I think our most favorite props are our dinosaurs....what do you think?

Oh and how could I forget....we beat our record of the most amt of people in HOPE. We had 10, and here's the photo to prove it! :)